Sweet Apple

Goldsmithing, Watchmaking and Jewelery

Since our opening, we have been bringing the latest news in Watchmaking, Jewelry and Fashion accessories, from the most current brands.

We also have our own brand Sweet Apple, however it is about the brands SEIKO, PULSAR, LORUS, GUESS, WENGER, BMW, ICE, TOUS, LOTUS, MORELLATO, RADIANT, WOO'S, WATXandCO, Marmara Sterling, Karl Lagerfeld, Adore, Rosefield, articles of Goldsmiths, including Prata Liliana Alves, which support our pillars.

We are located with a physical store in Vila de Benedita, in the Neomáquina Shopping Center.

Our sole objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers in order to give them a unique experience when they enter our store, whether physical or online. To achieve this, we work with several renowned brands and always try to meet each person's tastes.

Sweet Apple - Watchmaking, Jewelery and Goldsmithing